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"Because of the online ITIL Bootcamp, plus the excellent way the information was presented, I was able to score well and easily pass the exam."

Chris Karstens - IT/S Operations

Henrico Doctors' Hospital


"I found the ITIL Prime tests to be very useful in preparing for the Certification exam. I recommended the site to three of my associates. All of us passed the exam and became certified."

Jim Sanford - Sr. Support Mgr

Computer Associates (CA), Inc


"I just completed the ITIL Foundation Online Training Course and found it to be outstanding. The presenter and supporting material were excellent."

Jeff Annechini - IT Services Consultant

PPT Consulting


"I was very surprised by the quality they had to offer. It was easy and enjoyable to follow and I was easily convinced to follow the remaining modules with them."

Eddie Brady

Accenture Technology Solutions


"ITIL Prime gave me an advantage and helped me score 90% on the Foundation Exam. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is serious about the exam."

Ajay Duraiswamy, Project Analyst

Dubai Customs, Gov't of Dubai

United Arab Emirates

"Using the ITIL Prime exam preparation site was a good idea in order to get confident and pass the real exam. Indeed, I passed the exam."

Francisco M

Accenture Global Services


"I got 90% correct and thought I had scored 100%. I felt well-prepared going in, and that confidence makes it much easier to take the exam. I finished in 20 minutes of the allowed 60 minutes."

Vince Pulice, Principle Engineer



"I used your site to prepare for the ITIL Foundations certification and successfully passed the exam with a 92% score. I highly recommend this material as a primary source in preparing."

Maxim Mckoy



"ITIL Prime exam prep provided an excellent preview of what to expect in the real test environment. The topics covered and the exam questions were ideal as they helped to improve my understanding of the various ITIL areas. This was not just a matter of memorizing a bunch of questions and answers; it went far deeper. ITIL Prime laid the foundation and truly broadened my knowledge so that I was able to pass the exam with high marks."

Jean-Ann Dill

Service Desk Manager, IT Services

Keytech LTD


ITIL Certification Exam and Qualifications

Welcome to the world of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). In a nutshell, ITIL provides detailed approaches to a number of important IT practices which technology organizations across the globe rely on. The most fundamental method of demonstrating your own understanding of ITIL is by achieving the ITIL Foundation certificate.

Since the early 2000s, the ITIL Foundation certification has grown to become one of the most sought after and internationally recognized management credentials available; consistently ranking in the top 5 industry certifications across IT career surveys.

The complete set of advanced ITIL certificatios, known as the ITIL Qualification Scheme, is displayed below. This information can be viewed in its entirety on ITIL's official website.

Based on AXELOS ITIL® material. Reproduced under licence from AXELOS

ITIL certifications are available at the Foundation, Intermediate, and Expert, and Master levels. Attaining the ITIL Foundation certificate is required prior to acquisition of other ITIL certifications. ITIL Prime provides test preparation content covering the area of the ITIL Foundation exam.

About the ITIL Foundation Exam and Certification
The ITIL Foundation exam covers material from all five ITIL core volumes. ITIL Prime maintains ITIL mock exams and practice tests which cover the new areas addressed by ITIL.

ITIL Foundation Exam Format

  • There are 40 total multiple choice questions which make up the ITIL Foundation exam
  • Individuals have 1 hour to complete the exam
  • The exam is closed book and requires a passing score of 65% or greater.
  • Many Examination Institutes (EIs) administer the ITIL Foundation exam, including EXIN, ISEB, AXELOS, Loyalist Certification Services (LCS), and PEOPLECERT.

Our ITIL practice exams reflect ITIL subject areas outlined in the official ITIL Syllabus (ITIL 2011) and reflect all 5 ITIL Core volumes (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement).

ITIL Foundation syllabus topics:

  • Service Management as a Practice
  • The ITIL Service Lifecycle
  • Generic Concepts and Definitions
  • Key Principles and Models
  • Selected Processes
  • Selected Functions
  • Selected Roles
  • Technology and Architecture

ITIL adopts a service lifecycle approach to IT management. With ITIL, the framework is comprised of five core volumes which describe the approach.

ITIL Core volumes:

  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Free ITIL Study Resources

ITIL Foundation Syllabus

The official ITIL Foundation Syllabus; outlining the key concepts, terminology, and processes to be tested on. The learning objectives stated in the syllabus comprise the core areas of testing for the ITIL Foundation exam.

[Download PDF]

ITIL Glossary

A comprehensive glossary of ITIL terms and definitions used throughout the ITIL core volumes; compiled and approved by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). These terms are frequently used throughout ITIL texts, and represent both industry-wide terminology, as well as ITIL-specific terminology.

[Download PDF]

ITIL Acronyms

A complete and consolidated list of ITIL OGC acronyms used throughout the ITIL core volumes; compiled and approved

[Download PDF]

ITIL Pocket Guide

A formal, introductory overview of the ITIL framework published and made available by the UK Chapter of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). The pocket guide is designed for individuals who with to learn more about the objectives and content covered by the ITIL framework.

[Download PDF]

ITIL Version 3 Qualification Scheme

A comprehensive view of all ITIL qualifications and certifications. This guide includes in depth descriptions of each certification offered in regards to the ITIL framework, and identifies pre-requisite courses and credits, specific subject matter, and target audiences.

[Download PDF]

Please note: all resources are made available freely via the ITIL official site, and credited as such.