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Value of ITIL Certification

There are many benefits of taking the ITIL test, especially at the Foundation level, and becoming a certified IT management professional. The investment spent working on your IT management career and assessing it in a professional industry environment has a lot of value to it. Let's take a look at the three main reasons ITIL certification is so valuable:*

  • Better understanding of IT management processes - Working in the IT world, especially as an IT manager, requires a lot of collaborative as well as technical thinking. Part of being ITIL certified is having a deep understanding of IT service goals of your business, how to measure the performance of those IT services, and being able to translate this to the information technology world in a manner that is understood by everyone. Understanding how to do this is hugely valuable to you and every employer.
  • Professional credibility boost - Upon completing an ITIL exam, even at the Foundation level, your new certification now reflects an IT management professional. This tells employers, without necessarily needing to look at your resume, that you are experienced, professional, and proactive.
  • Higher career visibility - If you receive your ITIL certification, your odds will increase of finding more consistent work as an independent contractor or a steady job at an established company. Simply put, having a ITIL certification on your resume increases your demand as a company asset.

The value of becoming a certified ITIL professional, even at the Foundation level, is great from a personal and a business perspective. As a certified IT management expert, your ability to positively impact an IT organization will increase, as will your career visibility.

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What Our Students Say      

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