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ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of guidelines for information technology services management. Started in the late 1980s, it originated from the British Office of Government Commerce. The ITIL library has a series of modules that help IT managers design, implement and monitor high-quality information systems for businesses and organizations around the world. ITIL has expanded to the United States, India, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. It is globally recognized as the premier information technology management certification system.

Foot In The Door

ITIL students sometimes ask if the ITIL V3 Foundation certification will get them a job. The answer is different for everyone. ITIL certification is a good door opener. Many companies insist on ITIL certification for new hires. A search of major technical job websites shows that the term “ITIL” returns hundreds of hits. The ITIL test indicates that the graduate knows the basic principles of sound information technology management. It is up to the individual to demonstrate that they can apply that knowledge to real-world challenges. ITIL certification is not a replacement for experience. It provides a fundamental way of looking at information system infrastructure. It was developed over many years with the feedback of individuals and companies around the world.

How To Prepare

Preparation for an ITIL V3 exam takes a serious commitment. Candidates should be ready to set aside significant personal time to study. Questions on the test may have several possible correct answers. The exam requires the ability to make sound judgments based on limited information. Candidates should use updated preparation material. Many of the mock exams found for free on the Internet are dated. Students should make sure they are studying current material and the latest test taking techniques.

The ITIL V3 certification is not a cure-all. A candidate needs to develop skills on the job. ITIL can enhance and inform their decision-making ability with the latest knowledge and tools. In the end, a candidate's personal resources and leadership qualities will make a bigger impact than any certification on their resume.

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